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We all really just have no idea what to do for New Years Eve, so we decided to google our options.... in the process, we stumbled upon some strange New Years Traditions!

Masks for New Years in Ecuador Los Anos Viejos

Equador has a very large celebration know as 'los anos viejos' meaning the old years. Scarecrows or similar dolls are created and burned at midnight to symbolize letting go of the past and moving forward in the new year. The creepy part of this all is that most people create their scarecrow or doll in the likeness of some one they dislike! Or a notable person from the year, such as a celebrity or politician. 

The dolls are typically filled with old clothing, sawdust or paper to burn faster. Once they are stuffed a mask is placed on their face. Masks are displayed in many local store fronts in the days prior to New Years Eve. 

 Colored Underwear

This tradition is most celebrated in South America, but the superstition states that if you wear specific colored underwear you will have good luck, health, love, etc., in the new year! Whatever color you choose will determine how your new year will go, but for the love of god, do not wear black undies!!! It is said that black underwear brings very bad luck in the new year. 
Yellow // Prosperity, Wealth, Success. Red // Love, Passion, Romance. Blue // Wellness, Good Health, Tranquility. White // Peace, Harmony, Happiness. Green // Well-Being, Life, Nature. Pink // Love, Harmony.

Circles or Fruits

In the Phillippines it is believed that if you wear attire with round patterns or circles on it, you will have good luck for an entire year. At this time of year you will find the natives wearing clothing with circular patterns.  New Years Eve many wear polka dot clothing during their celebrations. The other version of this superstition is that eating circular fruit will bring good luck to you in the New Year. 


In the US, it is a long time tradition to kiss someone at midnight. This Kiss is supposed to bring true love and help rid bad memories from the past. 

Banging Bread

It is said that making a lot of noise at midnight on New Years Eve is a way to scare evil spirits and back luck. In Ireland, locals bang Christmas bread on the walls and doors of their homes at midnight. The noise is to scare spirits and the bread is to bring abundance and ensure that the household has plenty of food through the coming year. 

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