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Lore or Real??

As Christmas approaches, we are bombarded by images of St. Nicholas aka Santa Claus and young children everywhere are reminded to behave in exchange for gifts brought by Santa Claus. While this is great and most children adjust their behavior so they'll be showered with gifts on Christmas morning... But what about those few naughty children who don't behave? 

Image resultLegend has that Krampus takes care of those unruly kids for Santa. Krampus is nothing like Santa... he's described as a half goat, half demon creature who punishes bad behaved children.He's even been known to carry chains and thrash around for dramatic effect. 

The origins of Krampus are unknown, but some speculate it dates back to Pre-Christian traditions. In modern times, Krampus is celebrated with an alcohol fueled race. Contestants dress up as Krampus and jog to a finish line. This all takes place in Austria, so if you are interested in watching hundreds of horned devils running through the streets, head over to Austria!

Of course you could check out the movie made about this legend. 

Is Krampus real? Or is he all fiction? What ever Krampus is... beware and behave!






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